Structure and Advantage of Hurricane Windows

There are certain regions in the world which are prone to the fury of Mother Nature, especially in the form of vicious hurricanes. Some of these areas are located in the southern part of the United States and Mexico. Almost every year there are several hurricanes that develop just off the coast of Florida and hit these regions with devastating outcomes. Naturally, real estate developers and other commercial and residential properties have to seek extra protection from these hazards and opt for the Impact Resistant Windows. These windows are specially designed to withstand high intensity winds and very heavy rain. In other terms they are high impact resistant and waterproof. The window frames are made from different materials to suit everyone’s specific needs. These include wooden frames, fibreglass frames, vinyl windows and superior high grade gauge aluminium alloy commercial frames.


The aluminium alloy frames are much tougher than the window frames. Besides, they are accurately machined and offer almost total security from the external forces and the extreme humid conditions that can prevail in the Florida region. The fibreglass frames are durable and can withstand extremes of heat and cold temperatures and are energy efficient as well. The Vinyl window frames are easy to maintain and long lasting and maintain their good looks even after several years.

The Advantages

The specially manufactured impact resistant glass panes fit perfectly in these frames and additionally offer almost complete protection from flying debris during the full force of a hurricane. They are designed to look like ordinary glass, but the strength they offer is enormous as they are multi layered in form. There is a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between the other layers. It is this inner membrane layer that is mainly responsible for the extra protection. In the case of very high impact, the glass may shatter, but, it will remain attached to this inner membrane and will prevent it from splintering. It just forms a spider like pattern on great impact and damage.

Most of these impact resistant windows can withstand wind speeds of up to 200 mph.

Some of the additional benefits that these hurricane impact resistant windows provide are that they are almost sound proof and offer near complete or 99 % protection from UV radiation, including better energy efficiency. There are many home insurers who offer huge discounts on the premium payable; some offer almost 45 % waivers in case the house is fitted with these impact resistant windows. The ultimate cost of fitting these widows can soon be minimised with these insurance premium discounts and make a strong case for them as well.

Versatility and the Cost Factor

These impact resistant windows are available in different shapes and sizes, in fact, they can be custom built to suit every client’s individual needs or specifications. On account of the damping effect the sound insulation goes up several notches. The installation of these windows can be an expensive proposition, with costs sometimes exceeding $65 per square foot. Including them in your construction plans could set you back by a few thousand dollars, but as mentioned earlier the insurance benefits somewhat compensate for the high cost.

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